Introduction to Information Science and Technology. Spring 2015.

LecturesMonday (odd and even weeks) and Thursday (odd weeks) 1015-1155. Auditorium.
LabsThursday 1015-1155 (even weeks), Saturday 1300-1700 (odd weeks). Auditorium.
Office hoursTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1745-1925. 宿舍1号楼成长驿站. Saturday (even weeks) 1300-1700. 教学楼 311.
Instructors 陈浩 <chenhao>; 罗喜良 <luoxl>; Schwertfeger, Sören <soerensch>; 王浩宇 <wanghy> ...
TAs 陈敏华 <chenmh>; 魏天伟 <weitw>; 李扬 <liyang>; 于天彦 <yuty>
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103-02 Introduction to hardware, software, and networks. Homework -1
03-05 Introduction to Python ICPY 1-3 Homework 0. Binary Search
203-09 Functions; Structured types ICPY 4-5 Homework 1. Tower of Hanoi
03-12 Lab
303-16 Exceptions; Testing ICPY 6-7 Homework 2. Word Count
03-19 Object-oriented programming ICPY 8 Human
403-23 Algorithmic complexity ICPY 9 Homework 3 Human2
03-26 Lab
503-30 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Introduction Slides
04-02 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Control and Navigation MoRo 1 and MoRo 2 2.1 - 2.3 Slides + Robotics Homework
604-06 Holiday :) Homework 4 & 5
04-09 Lab Planning 1.1 - 1.4
704-13 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Planning Slides
04-16 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Perception MoRo 3 Slides
804-20 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Vision Slides
04-23 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Artificial Intelligence Slides
904-27 Introduction to Signal Processing: Part I Slides Homework 1, solutions should be handed in by end of lecture on 05-04
04-30 Introduction to Signal Processing: Part II
1005-04 Introduction to Communications: Part I Homework 2, solutions should be handed in by end of lecture on 05-11
05-07 Lab Lab exercises
1105-11 Introduction to Communications: Part II Homework 3, submit pdf file to ziyu.shao (at) (subject: '[Signals HW3]') before 8:00am on May 18, XOR submit the paper version by the end of the lecture on May 18
05-14 Introduction to Networks
1205-18 Feedback Control: Part I
05-21 Feedback Control: Part II (Lecture and Lab) Lab exercises, Inverted pendulum (Python code), Visualization tool (MATLAB code)
1305-25 Introduction to Electronics and Switches DDCA 1 Homework 0, Lecture 1 Slides, Vocabulary
05-28 Digital Logic DDCA 2.1-2.4 Homework 1, Lecture 2 Slides
1406-01 Combinational Digital Circuits DDCA 2.5-2.10 Homework 2, Lecture 3 Slides
06-04 Lab 1 Digital Circuits Lab Lab Session Name Lists, Lab 1 Slides
1506-08 Sequential Digital Circuits DDCA 3.1-3.4 Lecture 4 Slides
06-11 Digital Building Blocks DDCA 5 Homework 3, Lecture 5 Slides
1606-15 Electronics, Beyond the Logical Switches Lecture 6 Slides
06-18 Lab 2 Analog Circuits Lab


This course introduces fundamentals of information science and technology in four parts: programming, intelligent machines and robotics, signal and systems, and electronics.



Read the chapters before class. I will not read the textbook to you during class. Rather, I will help you better understand certain materials in the textbook.
Class participation
You are required to participate actively in the classroom discussions.
You shall read your email at least once in any 12 hour period (including weekends and holidays), as I may send important announcements about this class.


We always welcome any feedback on what we could do better. You are also welcome to send us feedback anonymously if you like.