Introduction to Information Science and Technology. Spring 2016

LecturesMonday and Thursday, 1015--1155. 公教101.
DiscussionsMonday, 1745--1925. 行政405.
Instructors陈浩 <chenhao>; 王浩宇 <wanghy>; Schwertfeger, Sören <soerensch>; 罗喜良 <luoxl>
TAs王一帆 <wangyf>; 吕文涛 <lvwt>
张一弛 <zhangych> Monday, 1030--1200. H2 207. Tuesday, 1830--2200. 本一宿舍成长驿站. Wensday 2100--2200. 本一宿舍成长驿站.
陈宸 <chenchen>; 王宵 <wangxiao1> Thursday, 1900--2100. 本一宿舍成长驿站. Friday, 1300--1500. 教学301.
吴秉翰 <wubh>; 陈彬 <chenbin> Wensday, 1000--1200. 本一宿舍成长驿站. Friday, 1300--1700. 本一宿舍成长驿站.
翁如嵩 <wengrs> Tuesday and Friday, 1800--2100. 本一宿舍成长驿站.
李嘉琰 <lijy> Monday and Thursday, 1500--1700. 教学301.
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于亮 <yuliang> Wednesday, 1500--1700. 科研5209E.
李志清 <lizhq> Thursday, 1900--2100. 科研5209E.
尚明<shangming> Tuesday, 1900--2100. 科研5209E.
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102-22 Introduction to programming and python PT 1--3 PDF
02-25 Control flow and data structures PT 4--5
202-29 Exceptions; I/O PT 7--8
03-03 Naming and binding; Classes PLR 4; PT 9.1--9.8
03-10 Electronics: Introduction to Electronics DDCA 1 Slides 1; Quiz1
403-14 Electronics: Digital Logic DDCA2.1--2.4 Slides 2; Quiz2 Homework 1; Extra credit project.
03-17 Iterators and generators PT 9.9--9.11
503-21 Algorithms
603-28 Electronics: Combinational Logic Circuits DDCA2.5-2.8 Slides 3; Quiz3
03-31 Electronics(A&B): Lab 1 Digital Circuits Lab 1
704-05 Electronics: Sequential Digital Circuits DDCA3.1-3.4 Slides 4; Homework 2
04-07 Electronics: Digital Building Blocks DDCA5 Slides 5
04-09 Electronics(A): Lab 2 Proximity Sensor Lab Session Name Lists; Lab 2;Arduino Micro Schematic
804-11 Electronics: Beyond Logic Switches switch mode power supply and op-amp Slides 6 Homework 3
04-14 Electronics(A&B): Lab 3 Analog Circuits Lab 3;
04-16 Electronics(A): Lab 4 Rotating Path Detector Lab 4;
904-18 Signal: FFT, Filter Lecture notes Homework 1
04-21 Signal Processing Applications
1004-25 Communication Homework 2
04-28 Communication
1105-02 Labor Day Holiday Homework 3
05-05 Network
1205-09 Control
05-12 Control
1305-16 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Introduction (pdf) MR 1 Robotics Homework 1
Robotics Lab Preparation 1
Robotics Lab 1
Robotics Lab Intro
05-19 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Control and Navigation (pdf) MR 2
05-21 Class A: Robotics Lab 1
1405-23 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Planning (pdf) PA 1.1 - 1.4 Robotics Lab Homework 2
Results Robotics

Robotics Homework 2

05-26 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Perception (pdf) MR 3.1
05-28 Class A: Robotics Lab 2
1505-30 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Vision (pdf) MR 3.2 - 3.3
06-02 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Artificial Intelligence
06-04 Class A: Robotics Lab 3
1606-06 Intelligent Machines and Robotics: Machine Learning
06-09 Dragon Boat Festival


This course introduces fundamentals of information science and technology in four parts: programming, electronics, intelligent machines and robotics, and signal and systems.


The Python Tutorial
The Python Language Reference
David M. Harris and Sarah L. Harris, Digital Design and Computer Architecture
LaValle, Mobile Robotics
LaValle, Planning Algorithms


Read the chapters before class. We will not read the textbook to you during class. Rather, we will help you better understand certain materials in the textbook.
Class participation
You are required to participate actively in the classroom discussions.
  • Read your email and the forum at least once in any 12 hour period (including weekends and holidays), as I may post important announcements there.
  • Post all questions (except private, sensitive ones) on the forum so that everyone can reply and read the replies. You may not post anonymously. Do not send email to the instructors or TAs.


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